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What to expect when applying

Healthscope is the only national private hospital operator and healthcare provider in Australia, offering a full range of services (acute, medical, surgical, mental health and rehabilitation) to the communities we care for.
Offer of employment

If you are successful in the recruitment process, we will be sending your offer of employment electronically. You will be alerted via email.

Healthscope on-boarding

After accepting your offer, you will be required to complete our on-boarding tasks.

Serology requirements

Nursing staff, allied health and others in patient-facing roles are required to show proof of immunity to a number of diseases.

Work Health and Safety requirements

Healthscope employees will be required to complete a work health and safety questionnaire to ensure that there are no risks associated with the role they are accepting.

Qualifications and identity Checks

A police check must have been done at least within the three-month period prior to applying for a role with us. Other checks and documentation may also be required.

Online eLearning

All new employees will be required to complete our induction course online, designed as part of the orientation process for those joining the Healthscope team. 

Our Safe Values

Our values tell the story of who we are, how we work together and how we treat each other and our patients. Developed by thousands of people across the Healthscope network, these four values are grounded in our reality, and sum us up beautifully. Below each value are statements of the behaviours we expect in our hospitals.

That’s what in our hearts. We care for ourselves, each other, our patients, and community. We respect and protect the physical and emotional safety and wellbeing of everyone.

We dig in. We’re accountable to each other. We do what we say and get it done. We speak up, listen, and own and learn from mistakes. We build trust by explaining the ‘Why’ behind the ‘What’.

We always look for ways to improve. We have ambition, embrace change, adapt, share, and learn. We are open to new ideas because that’s when we grow and shine.

We’re all in this OneHealthscope club. We welcome everyone, value all contributions, celebrate successes, listen and create the best place for care, and for work. That’s how we win. Together.

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