Pain Week with Dr Tim Hucker, Pain Specialist 

Tell us about relocating your practice from Victoria to NSW during COVID
All of us in healthcare have been challenged by the relentlessness requirement to constantly adapt courtesy of COVID.  It would be fair to say that moving interstate with my wife (also a medical specialist) and two children under two and setting up a new practice between the lockdowns of Melbourne and then Sydney has been interesting.

In Melbourne I worked at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and with the Melbourne Pain Group in private chronic pain management.  But an opportunity at Northern Beaches Hospital led to us relocating to Sydney in May 2021, to open Northern Beaches Pain Management in July - just in time for Sydney’s lockdown…

Setting up the practice has been challenged by COVID in every aspect from rooms fitout supply issues to staff recruitment and then how to build a referral base.  One of the most impressive parts that led to our move was the standard of the Executive and business development team.  Support from the former and a proactive and creative partnership with business development has fortunately led to a position, a year in, where the practice is thriving and on its way to being well established.  The crux of this has been patient, respectful business development with a focus on taking the opportunities to simply meet primary care and specialist colleagues where possible. Refining development back to the basics of what can we offer and how do we offer it through relationship building is entirely responsible for the development of my practice.

Would you say some people are putting up with pain during COVID?

For sure, some people have ‘postponed’ medical attention.  At any age, pain that isn’t well controlled shouldn’t just be accepted.  Treating pain can improve wellbeing and allow us to socialise more, reduce the risk of falls, sleep better and take less medications.  Living in chronic pain is exhausting, distressing and in some cases unnecessary.  It’s worth considering referral to a pain specialist to try and help reduce pain levels and improve quality of life.

What kind of pain can a pain specialist assist with?

Pain specialists can assist with many different forms of acute and chronic pain, whether it is a direct effect of an injury, like a fracture or indirect effect of an ailment ore treatment. Cancer-related pain, for example, can occur at any time and is often experienced following surgery or after chemotherapy. Other forms of pain that a specialist can assist with includes spine, abdominal, head (migraines), back, pelvic and joint pain. No matter the source, it is important to report your pain to a specialist so a management program can be tailored to your needs.

How much pain do you have to be in before seeking help?

If you have been experiencing pain for a prolonged period of time and are struggling to perform everyday activities, don’t try to live with it. Chronic pain lasts for more than three months and should not be ignored, particularly if normal day-to-day activities become challenging to complete. In these circumstances, a pain specialist is recommended so an appropriate management plan can be made.

Dr Tim Hucker
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Dr Tim Hucker

Dr Tim Hucker is a highly qualified pain specialist with specificc expertise in back and neck pain, nerve pain, cancer-related pain, peripheral pain and CRPS and pelvic pain. He specialises in interventional pain procedures, pragmatically using them as a part of his holistic approach to pain management.

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